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February 2008
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waffles? [userpic]

I'm super duper sorry if somebody has already posted this. I know how serious the innanets is.


Cloverfield in 15 minutes...you know the whole schpeil.

SPOILERS! btw...in case those of you obsessed with the movie following clues for months didn't already see it.


That is the FUNNIEST thing I have read in I don't even know how long!! I was dying! The audience reaction at the running of the rats part was freaking spot on with probably EVERY audience who has seen this movie. We sure as shit were silently screaming the same things.

The worst, though, is this: Then Empire State Building collapses and debris 9/11s down the street in a tsunami of dust.

I laughed so freaking hard at that line that I'm sure I cemented my place in hell. 9/11 as a verb, BRILLIANT!