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It goes out the best way possible; with Jamie coked up on sea nectar and gratuitous boob shots.

Madfrey [userpic]

If anyone's still looking for manga translations, I found a rough one here.

Monnie [userpic]

I made this last night, and thought I'd post it here for your enjoyment. :)

Spoilery pic of monster behind cut.Collapse )

*ducks and runs away*

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Grygon [userpic]

spoilers ofcourse- monster butt?Collapse )

Christy [popular slut club] [userpic]

I just saw the film for a second time and plan to go again tomorrow (yeah, I pretty much loved it), but there's something that's been bothering me that many people are adamant is in the film.

Spoilers in LJ Cut below

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meagan [userpic]

ok, so tagruato is "down for maintenance," tidowave is "locked down," and for all we know rob just logged into myspace for the last time.

is the ARG over?

When's it my turn? [userpic]

The two latest official site images are pretty intense... what do you think is happening in the first one? Or maybe, more importantly, where and when is it?

After seeing the movie, my friends and I are convinced that they are working up to a sequel (possibly franchise)- especially after the backwards message at the end of the credits.

£enore [userpic]

What did you guys think of the movie?
My thoughts about it--possible spoilersCollapse )

For those who haven`t watched it yet, don`t stay for after the credits; it`s not a videoclip and it`s not worth the wait. What happens after the credits is above in my review, which you can find out after you watch the movie.

Paul [userpic]

For those of you who can't wait to see the movie.
Here is a clip of the monster.

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