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Grygon [userpic]
what's the hold up?

Michael Giacchino said over two weeks ago that he'd release Roar! (Cloverfield Overture) via iTunes or Amazon some way "by the week's end". Well, that was a few weekends ago. What's the hold up? iTunes does have a "music from Cloverfield" soundtrack but it's just the mix from the party scenes.

Some one on Yahoo!Answers told me they saw it on iTunes under some cd called "rob's party mix" but I think they're pulling my tail as I can find no such thing.

And yes I do have that craptastic bootleg that was recorded in-theaters and I refuse to listen to it. I tried, and it's just too damn awful. :( It only stays on my desktop cause I'm lazy and need to clean it off there.


Yeah, I do want to know where that is too. I have the party mix, but I'd love, love, love the actual orchestral suite.

I'm also waiting for this.

It's not official, but I recorded the audio at the theatres today... There's another one that's been floating around the internet, but it has a lot of talking in it... Mine on the other hand has NONE! The only problem is that I had to hold the record button while hiding the camera, so my arm got tired and you can hear me scuffling about 4-5 times throughout.


you rock! :) this will definetly do until the real deal, if EVER, comes out. and the minor scuffling sounds are no biggie at all compared to that other recording going around.



I've been waiting for this too. I have this song stuck in my head really bad.

Although thank you for the link darkspectre. It will do until the official version is released on iTunes. I did find a good version on YouTube today - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-DQmrY8MFY - but even that has a small bit of talking. But your version is so much better. That and I can put it on repeat!


*still waiting*

Ugh. Anyone found it yet?

nope. guess he doesn't love us. and at this rate the dvd will be out and people will have ripped it from there before he ever makes any $ off selling it.


Yeah this is true, which sucks coz he deserves to get the cash.

Haha I just came over here to this post to make the same comment. I guess we just don't get to have it.

eh, just buy the dvd when it comes out and rip it off there.