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February 2008
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Jordan [userpic]
Cloverfield Forums

So I know that a lot of you probably already have your places to go to as far as Cloverfield forums go, but I recently decided to retire the blog aspect of projectcloverfield.com, and am now directing users to a new forum.

I namely did this because some of my loyal viewers wanted it, since it would make posting/replying a lot easier than in some comments.

Anyway, it's a baby (just put it up yesterday) so if you feel like joining, please do so :)


Hi! ive registred at the forums but everytime I login, it redirects me and I'm logged out again. This way, I cannot post anything. Hope you can fix it. :)

It was an issue with the custom cookie I had set up for the forum; I tested it out and it should work for you without fail now! :)

Thanks for letting mek now.

I hope that the ARG continues for a long time.. ^^ (especially considering that other countries won't be opening the movie for a few months yet). And the footage was shot in May or something, right? I can't remember the exact date used on the news reports in the footage..

May 22nd and 23rd.

They say that it was a Saturday/Sunday when they were filming, so the movie would take place in 2009 for those dates to be accurate.

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