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Paul [userpic]
Monster toys coming soon.

Hasbro is taking orders for their Cloverfield monster toy.


Cloverfield Monster Features:

* 70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
* Authentic sound
* 14” tall
* 10 parasites
* Two interchangeable heads
* Statue of Liberty head accessory
* Special Cloverfield collector’s edition packaging

It sounds cool but I think $100 is a bit much.


No pic. I wonder how many people will place orders for the thing, sight unseen. ;P

Agreed with both your points: it sounds cool, but a bit pricey.

I'm new to the community. Kind of late getting into the movie [missed all the leading up to stuff :( ] ... but better late than never.

The figure sounds really awesome, but also agree with the price. Probably a bit out of my price range. Maybe when an image is released, might convince me to part with my $$$$ a little more.


you could always wait about 3 months to buy it about half off, if not more, from ebay. ;)

Given the points of articulation, that's not such a bad asking price. Hell, Masterpiece Optimus Prime usually goes for more if you can find him.
I just wish they'd have the balls to show an image. :/

they can't show an image too soon. it doens't even come out until october and people who haven't yet seen the movie still wonder what the monster looks like and are paying $ to find out. ;)

Thanks for posting this. I was just talking to my boyfriend how I'd love a figure of the monster or the statue of liberty. We're thinking of going 50-50 on this. I wish they did have a picture of it, but it's understandable that they don't.

someone will buy it,,

sight unseen,,,it will be bought, people buy it just because of what it is,, look how many people went to see the movie withou a clue. for some single collectors a hundred dollars is nothing to them..,,but no way a man with a wife and/or a kid will be able to get it..

I'll most likely get it in 2009. after that christmas the price will come down a lot for it on ebay. :)

Hopefully the price will go down, because I'd love to have one. With detachable mini-monsters.

The picture's up. It looks... goofy.

wow that looks terrible

I found these images of the figure on display at the Toy Fair.


Definately looks way better in that display than in the images on the website [they kind of look too pale].

Clover kind of looks a bit different, but I still think that the figure looks awesome, so I'm going to have to find a way to order one, seeing they don't ship internationally it could be a pain. At least there's a lot of time to save up. :)

I was actually pretty disappointed by this figure. I don't think it really looks like Clovie at all. D: